Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Febuary's First shopping trip

Sorry there is no picture today but I forgot to take it as I was putting the groceries away. I will be going out for some milk and bread later this week but I will be trying to come in under budget if possible.

1 cabbage $1.70
1 package of egg roll wraps $1.88
1 28oz can of tomato sauce $0.84
1 package 2%milk cheese slices $3.24
1 package honey turkey lunch meat $3.57
4 Roma tomatoes $0.69
4 avocados $1.00
1 package English muffins $1.86
1 package whole wheat bagels $1.37
Total $16.15

1 4pack tp $1.00
1 soft and dri clinical deodorant $5.99
1 Garner fructis conditioner $3.99
used a $10 Register Reward
Total $0.98
and I have a $5 Register Reward for next time

(I know not the most frugal or healthy stop)
2 cheeseburgers
1 double cheeseburger
Total $3.22

Total spent today $20.35
Total left for this week $29.65
Total left for the year $2680.63
Total coupon and ECB savings for the year $103.32

To see what lots of other frugal ladies are buying this week head on over to The Grocery Cart Challenge

So what will we be eating this week

Monday we had
cereal and fruit
beefy enchilada bake and Spanish rice

Breakfast cookies
I packed my hubby leftovers, the girls got packed lunches of turkey sandwiches, juice boxes, baked chips, and a cookie, the kids I sit for will have the same as the girls and I will eat leftovers
Chicken and veggie stir fry over brown rice

fried eggs on an English muffin
packed lunches or leftovers
chicken and dumplings
Birthday cake (its my oldest's B-Day)

packed lunches (leftover chicken and dumplings)
Ham, mashed potatoes, broccoli

yogurt and fruit
Ham sandwiches, carrots, fruit
double corn and ham pie

ham and cheese omelets
homemade pizza
grilled chicken legs

donuts at church
what ever you can find in the fridge
Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans

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Latte said...

oh breakfast cookies sound delightful!