Monday, February 23, 2009

Looking for something frugal to do with the kids

Lowe's and Home Depot both offer free clinics for kids each month, so mark your calender and get ready to help your kids build some memories.
Saturday February 28, 2009 at Lowe's between 10am and 11am your kids can build their very own #48 race car. Go here to preregister.
Saturday March 7, 2009 9:00am-12:00pm you can head over to The Home Depot and build an HD Raceway.

Two free tacos at Jack in the Box (Febuary 24,2009)

It looks like tomorrow is the day to be out and about so you can cash in on some of these free offers. While I was reading Money Saving Mom I came across this great offer. Go here to download your coupon for two free tacos at any Jack in the Box restaurant. One coupon per guest per visit.

Free Pancakes at Ihop Tuesday Feb. 24

I saw this on tv this morning and then forgot to post it until I read Crystals post. Tomorrow is National Pancake day and you can get a free short stack of pancakes from 7am - 10pm.

I just might take advantage of this offer this year since I didn't get out and do my shopping today. I think a free short stack of pancakes at Ihop before hitting the grocery stores tomorrow would be great.

Free Quiznos Sub

Thanks to Freebies4Mom for this great freebie.

Go here and sign up then they will email you a link to your personalized coupon for a free small signature sub.

Free Redbox Movie Rental

Its Monday so that means another free Redbox movie rental. Todays code is S39XKT. This code will be valid until 11:59 pm tonight.

If you have a Redbox at your local Walgreens you can also try DVDATWAG for another free rental.

Free Kashi Frozen Entree Coupon

Who dosen't love a free meal. If you would like to recieve a coupon for a free Kashi frozen entree go here and sign up. Your coupon should arrive in the mail in a few weeks.

Menu Plan Monday


oatmeal with fruit, pancakes with maple syrup, overnight caramel strata, English muffins with egg and cheese, homemade granola and milk


My girls will be eating school lunches a couple of times this week.

homemade chicken nuggets




chicken and veggie quesadillas with guacamole salad

lasagna and green salad

pot roast and veggies

meatloaf, mashed sweet potatoes, and corn

fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and broccoli


Hamburgers on homemade buns and homemade chips

For more great menu plan ideas head on over to OrgJunkie.

Come back tomorrow and see how my shopping trip goes for the grocery cart round up and what I'm gratefull for, for Gratituesday.

Wednesday I will be sharing the recipe for one of my favorite desserts

Monday, February 9, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Here's what we will be eating this week

oatmeal and fruit, eggs on toast or English muffin, homemade granola with milk, yogurt and granola, pancakes with maple syrup, muffins

packed lunches of leftovers or a sandwich
fruit or veggie
juice box
cookie or muffin

Red beans and brown rice
chicken enchiladas
pot roast
shredded beef burritos
chicken fajitas

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Febuary's First shopping trip

Sorry there is no picture today but I forgot to take it as I was putting the groceries away. I will be going out for some milk and bread later this week but I will be trying to come in under budget if possible.

1 cabbage $1.70
1 package of egg roll wraps $1.88
1 28oz can of tomato sauce $0.84
1 package 2%milk cheese slices $3.24
1 package honey turkey lunch meat $3.57
4 Roma tomatoes $0.69
4 avocados $1.00
1 package English muffins $1.86
1 package whole wheat bagels $1.37
Total $16.15

1 4pack tp $1.00
1 soft and dri clinical deodorant $5.99
1 Garner fructis conditioner $3.99
used a $10 Register Reward
Total $0.98
and I have a $5 Register Reward for next time

(I know not the most frugal or healthy stop)
2 cheeseburgers
1 double cheeseburger
Total $3.22

Total spent today $20.35
Total left for this week $29.65
Total left for the year $2680.63
Total coupon and ECB savings for the year $103.32

To see what lots of other frugal ladies are buying this week head on over to The Grocery Cart Challenge

So what will we be eating this week

Monday we had
cereal and fruit
beefy enchilada bake and Spanish rice

Breakfast cookies
I packed my hubby leftovers, the girls got packed lunches of turkey sandwiches, juice boxes, baked chips, and a cookie, the kids I sit for will have the same as the girls and I will eat leftovers
Chicken and veggie stir fry over brown rice

fried eggs on an English muffin
packed lunches or leftovers
chicken and dumplings
Birthday cake (its my oldest's B-Day)

packed lunches (leftover chicken and dumplings)
Ham, mashed potatoes, broccoli

yogurt and fruit
Ham sandwiches, carrots, fruit
double corn and ham pie

ham and cheese omelets
homemade pizza
grilled chicken legs

donuts at church
what ever you can find in the fridge
Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This Weeks shopping

OK I have to admit that my $200 a month budget is not working out so well for me so I will be upping it to $250 a month. I will update the totals on all of my previous posts. Just so you know I still went over that budget for January but I think that $250 a month is going to be doable for me if I just keep working on it. (I have got to learn to walk away from some deals to stay in budget and this is going to be very hard for me.) I must also admit that we ate out this weekend and went to a movie but since this was a planned outing the money came from our entertainment budget.

I went to the store again last week but I don't have a picture of all that I bought but my total was $42.32
This morning I ran to the grocery store and I should have everything that I need for the next 2 weeks.(I will try desperately to stay out of the stores) Here is the run down

9# Spiral sliced Ham $24.79
1# Colby cheese $4.49
1 package bologna $1.00
4 packages OM hot dogs $4.00
2 cans chili $1.98
1 gallon milk $3.94
4 cans tomato sauce $1.00
2 cans cream style corn $1.18
1 package taco seasoning $0.50
1# butter $2.35
2 1# packages bacon $5.98
1 dozen eggs $1.46
1 box juice boxes $2.59
2 tubs candied fruit $1.00
2 packages hot dog buns $1.98
2 cups shredded Cheddar $2.38
1 box Quaker instant oatmeal $2.79
1 box Quaker oatmeal to go bars $2.68
4# bag of sugar $1.59
5# bag of unbleached whole grain flour $2.99
2 1# bags of baby carrots $2.98
2 4# bags of oranges $2.00
3# bag of apples $1.99
9.5#s of split chicken breasts $9.50
4#s of drumsticks $4.01
subtotal $91.19
minus coupons $15.68
-$10 off Ham
-$2 off bacon
-$1 off instant oatmeal
-$2.68 free oatmeal to go when you buy instant oatmeal

I also went to Walgreen's and purchased 7 12packs of Pepsi. My total after using the rest of the money on my Gift Card was $17.72. I received a $10 off your next purchase coupon so I can go buy some necessities next week if I need to without spending any more money.

Total spent today $135.55
Total left for January -$49.02
Total left for the year $2700.98
Total coupon and ECB savings for the year $93.32

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Walgreens over the weekend

I forgot to post about my trip to Walgreens on Saturday to use my $5 catalina. I got 2 bags Stayfree maxis, 1 bottle Sun laundry detergent, and one bottle of palmolive dish soap.
total before coupons $21.48
Walgreens coupons $6.oo off Stayfree($3 each), and $1 off palmolive
Man. coupons BOGO Sayfree 6.99 and $5 catalina
Total $0.84
used GC so $0 OOP
Total spent today $0
Total left for January $86.53
Total left for the year $2836.53
Total coupon and ECB savings for the year $77.64

Monday, January 12, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I'm not sure why I didn't post this on Monday but I guess its better late than never.(because I know that you just couldn't go on without knowing what we were eating this week)

Homemade Granola Bars
bagels w/cream cheese
eggs and toast

Packed lunches Mon.-Fri. will consist of leftovers or sandwiches, fruit, juice, and a baked good treat(ex. banana nut muffin)
BlackBean and corn salsa with homemade baked tortilla chips

baked chicken, brocoli
smoked sausage butternut squash bake
stuffed cabbage rolls
egg rolls and veggie fried rice
lasagna and salad (didn't make last week so it got bumped)
Shepherds pie

Going Going Gone

That seems to be the theme of my grocery budget. This weekend we ate out several times for a total spent of $36.89. This little snafu will eat up half of the money I have left.
Total spent today $36.89
Total left for January $86.53
Total left for the year $2836.53
Total coupon and ECB savings for the year $65.65

Friday, January 9, 2009

A quick run to the Store this weekend

Cottage Cheese 1.5lb $2.24
1 Gallon Milk $3.96
Roma Tomatoes $0.58
1 head Cabbage $1.48
10# potatoes $4.77
seedless grapes $1.95
5# bag Grapefruit $2.00
1 whole wheat bread $2.58
3# yellow onions $1.98
6 oranges $1.68
Egg roll wraps $1.88
Italian Seasoning $0.50
2 Taco Seasonings $0.64
2# Brown Sugar $1.18

Total spent today $27.42
Total left for January $123.42
Total left for the year $2873.42
Total coupon and ECB savings for the year $65.65

More Spending

Well over the last few days I have managed to spend $11.43 on fast food. I know that fast food is a budget buster and that the food is very unhealthy but I took my kids out as a special treat. Anyway my new totals are
Total spent today $11.43
Total left for January $150.84
Total left for the year $2900.84
Total coupon and ECB savings for the year $65.65

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A not so frugal $20

I spent $20.90 this morning all because I did not prepare the girls their lunches last night before going to bed. Today is their first day back to school after Christmas and we are a little out of practice. The girls were finding it difficult to wake up this morning so with the extra help that they needed I didn't get their lunches made this morning either.
All this to say that I put $10 into each of their lunch accounts this morning plus the $0.90 convenience fee. This will hopefully last several months(that is if I can plan better and have their lunches packed and ready to go).

Total for today $20.90
Total left for January $162.27
Total left for the year $2912.27

My first shopping trip for the year

2 bags stir fry veggies $3.24
2 bags broccoli $1.96
1 bag corn $0.96
1 bag brussel sprouts in butter sauce $2.44
1 whole chicken $3.67
2 1lb packages of smoked sausage $3.00
1lb Italian Saugage $3.18
4 1lb rolls of ground Turkey $7.88
1 3.45lb package of pork chops $8.12
2 bags lenders bagels $2.50
2 tubs flavored cream cheese $3.52
1 1lb OM Bologna $2.50
2 pints Ben and Jerry's Ice cream $5.68
3 boxes Mac&Cheese $1.14
2 Johnson&Johnson buddies soaps $1.94
2 Gravy mixes $1.12
2lbs brown rice $1.42
1 package no yolk noodles $1.62
2 jars natural Peanut Butter $7.56
1 bag Pork Rinds $1.36
2.23lbs bananas $1.07
Total $65.88
minus coupons $10.00
Total OOP $55.88

2 speed stick 24/7 $6.00
1 cottonell bath tissue $12.97
2 Loreal Bare Natural foundations $14.99
Total $33.96
Minus coupons $6.99
Minus ECBs $26.46
Total OOP $0.51

2 Fructis Leave in Conditioners $5.98
2 Fructis mouse $5.98
1 Fructis spray gel $2.99
2 Palmolive dish soaps $1.58
2 soft soaps $1.98
4 Hersheys chocolate bars $2.00
2 boxes Excedrin $10.00
1 finger nail clippers $1.79
Total $32.30
Minus coupons $22.20
Total OOP $10.44
I also recieved a $5 off next purchase catalina

Total for the day $66.83
Total left for the month of January $183.17
Total left for the year $2933.17

Total coupon and ECB savings for the year $65.65

For more inspiring shopping trips head over to The Grocery Cart Challange.

Monday, January 5, 2009

My budget for the year

This year my goal is to take a page from Erin over at Jane4girls, while I don't think that I could make it on an annual budget of $800 I am going to try and hold myself accountable to my budget of $200 a month for groceries, HAB supplies, and household cleaning supplies.
Update I found that a $200 a month budget was not going to work for me so this has been increased to $250. I have updated all the totals in my posts.


eggs and toast
chicken nuggets and broccoli
pork chops, burssel sprouts, and mashed potatoes

Banana nut muffins
whole wheat pasta with Alfredo and peas
Slow cooker meatballs on homemade rolls

bagels with cream cheese
turkey and stuffing bake, broccoli

lasagna and salad

Breakfast tacos
beef stroganof over noodles with mixed veggies

Biscuits and gravy
homemade pizza
Stir fry chicken and veggies and fried brown rice

baked chicken coleslaw
sausage and potato tacos