Sunday, January 27, 2008

Super Savings Saturday

I've been home with a sick kid all week and wasn't able to go CVSing until Saturday morning but I wasn't having any luck. When I made my first transaction the register tape jammed and so my ECB were superimposed on each other making it impossible to use them. The cashier told me that I could call the number on my Extra Care Card and that they could reset them so they would print the next time I made a purchase. Well after sitting on hold for 30 min they inform me that yes they can set them to reprint but they won't show up in their system until 48 hours after the transaction and that they would be available on Wednesday. This put somewhat of a damper on my plans. I am now without my $20.00 in ECB and still have lots of purchases to make. So unfortunately I then asked my sister if she wanted to go shopping with me and used her CVS card, I didn't want to mess up the reprinting of my ECB in any way ( I was only able to do this because I can't convince her of the great benefits of CVSing).

My first purchase on my card was 12 soy joy bars and 2 24/7 deodorants. I used a $3 off 15 CVS coupon, a $3 off of purchase of 10 soy joy bars coupon, 1 free soy joy coupon, and $11 in ECB . Before coupons my total was 19.97, after coupons and ECB $1.98 and I would receive $19.98 in ECB. This is when disaster struck I have no ECBs so I start over using my sister's card.

My first transaction is to purchase the 2 free toothbrushes total oop $6.47 and I received $5.98 in ECBs.

Next I purchased 4 bags of M&M's total oop after ECBs $1.08. ok now I have $6 in ECBs. We then leave this CVS because they are out of the 24/7 deodorant.

At the next CVS I purchase 2 bags of M&Ms and 1 24/7 deodorant for $1.48 out of pocket.

My sister purchases 3 deodorants using a $2 off $10 I didn't have a $3 off $15 with me :( and my 6.99 in ECBs so I paid $2.98.

So this weekend doesn't look that great because of my little mishap but I now have over $30 in ECBs between two cards (not sure how well this will work for me) but at least I didn't miss the deals. Total before coupons and Extra Care Savings minus tax would have been $62.86 I spent $12.98.

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